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We at Smart Profile want to get the best out of every person. “Realise your potential” is therefore not only a promise to our customers but certainly also to our colleagues!

We are convinced that growth is only possible by pushing boundaries and embracing new perspectives. One of the innovations that we implemented in 2015 is reinventing ourselves as a true self-managing, flat organization. How have we achieved this? Via Holacracy.

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Our smarties

These are some of our employees; in total, we work with a bigger club of employees.

Sander Nijmeijer – Sales consultant

Timo Hoogendorp – ICT Lead

Hans Wijnen – Sales consultant

Tamar Biersma – People

Diane de Leeuw – Data expert & analyst

Winny van der Kolk – ICT infrastructure expert

Quotes from (former) employees

Laura Adriaansen

“In 2007, I joined Smart Profile and started as a Business Development Specialist. That was a change coming from Retail.
Within Smart Profile, we look at everyone’s talents, which makes everything much more transparent, and people work more as a team.
Because I can and may use my qualities, I now work within the Customer Service and on the Fleet Insights Service Desk.
Because of the enthusiastic team, or pleasant, hard-working colleagues, I still enjoy my work, and not a day is the same.”

Bouke Bos

“I’ve been working at Smart Profile for over a year and a half now. I came in early September 2020, and at Smart Profile, I got my first ‘big people’ job. I started as a Business Development Specialist, and soon I was able to grow into the role of Team Coordinator. Within my first year, I eventually even progressed to Project Coordinator. It didn’t stop there. Since the beginning of 2022, I have held the role of Sales Medium Business within the Fleet market.

As you will notice, you can continue to grow within Smart Profile and realise your potential. When I work at Smart Profile, I have learned a lot and have grown as an employee and person. There is always an opportunity for new challenges, and as long as you tackle them with both hands, you can do the things you love, which gives you energy.

In addition, I enjoy the atmosphere with colleagues, and I experience the working environment as pleasant. I am looking forward to further developing myself within Smart Profile and discovering where I can still get with the support of my colleagues. Who knows what roles lie ahead for me. For now, I am entirely at home in the position of Sales Medium Business.”

Winny van der Kolk

“I have worked at Smart Profile for nine years, and I still have a lot of fun. When I started, I had already worked as a help desk employee for ten years at another organization. I had never expected to stay here for so long because inbound and outbound calling is entirely different. However, I work with a fantastic team of enthusiastic colleagues. 

Smart Profile is a transparent company that stimulates its employees to achieve maximum capabilities. Everyone uses their talents as effectively as possible to assemble an enthusiastic team. This way, you can maintain the quality of cooperation and fun at the workplace. I can also say what I like to do, which guarantees that my qualities will be used most effectively—another reason why I like working here.

Smart Profile is also open for suggestions, and we also want to elevate students to a higher level. Everyone at Smart Profile is approachable, listens, and everybody is equal!” 

Martijn Verdaasdonk

“Almost ten years ago, I started at Smart Profile as a Business Development Specialist, in other words, outbound commercial calling. My first call campaign was certainly not a success, and I expected to be back on the street soon. But one of the strengths of this company is that they try their best to give you a chance to find the right place. For me, this meant switching to the Data team.

Because of my affinity with ICT, I was asked to help colleagues with IT problems on location. I also had the opportunity to grow in Analytics, which kept my responsibilities growing and changing. The possibilities and flexibility that Smart Profile offers me, together with my good colleagues, ensure that I enjoy going to work every day (i.e. after I have had my daily dose of caffeine)

My role and the company where I started has almost completely changed, and there are still exciting things for the future. I can hardly wait!”