Realising your potential: from data to commercial success

At Smart Profile we use our data to realise your commercial potential. Our MarketBase is full of B2B Benelux data and gives you unique market insights. This is fundamental for a strong strategy and successful B2B marketing and sales campaigns. We also help companies set up and run these campaigns.

“We are able to prospect more effectively and efficiently thanks to the rich data of Smart Profile”

Jean-Marc de Geus, Country Manager Belgium at DirectLease.

Our core values

Ask for the why

In our work we are conscious about the reason of everything we do every day. If you cannot find a satisfactory answer to why you are doing what you are doing, it may not be worth doing at all.

Everything must be measurable

As we are a data-driven partner, we make absolutely sure that everything we do is measurable. Quantifiable and provable insights are a fundament for making the right decisions.

Take initiative, ownership and responsibility

To realise our potential, we continuously raise the bar and we are passionate about winning. Within our self-governing teams we are all dedicated to our roles in an entrepreneurial way.

Be open and honest

Sometimes we need
to convince ourselves
or others that a different perspective is needed. Based on our higher purpose and experiences we know it is the right thing to do.

Fleet Profile and Computer Profile have become Smart Profile

Our History

Whilst our name is very new, we as a company have been active in the ICT and Mobility market of the Benelux for over 25 years! Starting as two conjoined brands – Computer Profile and Fleet Profile – we have proven ourselves to be a reliable source of in-depth information about your target audience.

2019 symbolises a new chapter in our history. Not only as the year in which we unified both brands and revamped our name and look, but also as the starting point in which we externalised the qualities and drive we already possessed within ourselves. It is time to show the world what we are capable of!

Our smarties

Our team of smarties consists of various roles and experts, from data analysts to business development specialists and from project coordination to Holacracy experts. All working hard to realise their potential to make sure we can realise the potential of our team members, clients and the clients of our clients.

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