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We at Smart Profile want to get the best out of every person. “Realise your potential” is therefore not only a promise to our customers but certainly also to our colleagues!

We are convinced that growth is only possible by pushing boundaries and embracing new perspectives. One of the innovations that we implemented in 2015 is reinventing ourselves as a true self-managing, flat organization. How have we achieved this? Via Holacracy.

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Our smarties

These are some of our employees; in total, we work with a club of 74 employees.

Sander Nijmeijer – Sales consultant

Timo Hoogendorp – ICT Lead

Ilse van den Elshout – Database expert

Hans Wijnen – Sales consultant

Tamar Biersma – Holacracy expert

Diane de Leeuw – Data expert & analyst

Job Boons – Fleet & Mobility expert

Winny van der Kolk – ICT infrastructure expert

Quotes from (former) employees

Cher Werner

“In March 2015, I joined Smart Profile as Business Development Specialist. With an educational background in Business and Economics, it was the right decision in order to kickstart my career. I learned a lot more than I anticipated. At Smart Profile I started working for clients such as SAP, IBM and Kaspersky.

Working directly with different marketing and sales teams broadened my view on business development. Over a time period of 3,5 years there was always something to learn. Within the company there is a strong belief in “Realise your potential”.

When the opportunity for the next step in my career presented itself at Red Hat, Smart Profile fully supported me. I am thankful for my colleagues at Smart Profile who allowed me to learn and grow. I look back on a very fruitful period and I can recommend anyone looking for a future career in business development to start realising their potential at Smart Profile.”

Ebru Arslan

“Smart Profile is the company where you can always keep learning! In addition to work, various fun and educational training sessions are given so that you only get better at your role. The staff is top notch because they can ensure your success. You also feel this when working with your colleagues. There is good investment and everyone, from young to old, is equally important. It is a warm, but above all, nice environment to work in!”

Frank Leussink

“In a period of 5,5 years I did many great things at Smart Profile. I was able to achieve successes for fantastic clients and with great colleagues, all within the dynamic ICT market. 

For myself, I have made a very nice transition from Business Development to Project Coordination. I used to be a rookie in the area of ICT, but I have mastered the language and learned to translate it to business opportunities and vice versa. 

Taking into account that the organisation is in a state of constant transition, I can only conclude that I had a very educational and pleasant time at Smart Profile.”

Winny van der Kolk

“I work at Smart Profile for 9 years and I still have a lot of fun. When I started, I already worked as a help desk employee for 10 years at another organization. I had never expected to stay here for so long because inbound and outbound calling are something completely different. However, I work with a fantastic team of enthusiastic colleagues. 

Smart Profile is a transparent company that stimulates their employees to achieve the maximum of their capabilities. Everyone uses their talents as effectively as possible to assemble an enthusiastic team. This way, you can maintain the quality of cooperation and fun at the workplace as well. I can also say what I like to do, which guarantees that my qualities will be used most effectively. Another reason, why I like working here.

Smart Profile is also open for suggestions and we also want to elevate students to a higher level. Everyone at Smart Profile is approachable, listens and everybody is equal!” 

Celine Peeters

“My experience with Smart Profile has been a very educational one on different levels. First, I learned how I should function in a professional environment. This went really well, thanks to the guidance of supportive colleagues. I have also learned how to interact on the phone in such a way that I can get the maximum amount of information from every conversation.”

Matthias Strauven

“Smart Profile was my first job and I really enjoyed it. Working at Smart Profile was in every aspect a huge success!

I have learned a lot in a short period of time. Because the demand generation campaigns can be relatively short, you will be exposed to all the variety the ICT and Fleet & Mobility field has to offer. This is something that still helps me today. I am working for Ordina and I notice that I have a head start in knowledge compared to my colleagues. SAP also holds no secrets thanks to their partnership with Smart Profile. All these factors combined, makes it easy for me to navigate in every ICT firm.

I also got the opportunity to further develop myself: I was able to coach the newly recruited employees, which made me get more and more experience in my role as project coordinator. But above anything else, I had a really good time. I never expected to make friends with my colleagues. Riding our bikes for  1000 km to raise awareness for cancer is one of the activities that still connects us.

So if you want a job that allows you to grow both in a professional and personal sense, you do not need to look further.”

Yves Delvaux

“I have learned many valuable things as a Business Development Specialist at Smart Profile that still helps me in my role as Business Manager at Nexios IT. The skills that I have obtained, including knowledge of the ICT market, have been crucial elements to seize my dream job. Business-to-Business (cold) calling is an essential skill for anyone who has ambitions in Sales.

Aside from that, I have experienced that a quality database and CRM are vital. Also Smart Profile’s tool CLM7 is very helpful to contact potential customers and stay in touch with them. Thanks to this and my pleasant memories of my former colleagues, I look back with fondness at my time at Smart Profile. 

I can recommend everyone to become a Business Development Specialist as their first step towards a successful Sales career.”

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