STEP 2: Analysis

Are you looking for advice and guidance? We compare your customer data with ours. That way, we can see where there is overlap, which data is corrupted, and which data can be supplemented or added. Thanks to our MarketBase, we can support you with the most diverse business cases.

This MarketBase enables us to look into the past, present and future. In this way, it is possible to make predictions about the market. We call this Market Intelligence.

Our analysis solutions

  • Whitespace analysis

    We find the organisations and business locations relevant to you but are not yet on your radar/network. Our experience shows that in most cases, this is 30% of the total relevant TAM.

  • Look-a-like analysis

    We find organisations that look exactly like your current customers, using the key account indicators that are relevant to you, among others.

  • Data quality check

    By comparing the Smart Profile MarketBase with your data, we can clean up and enrich your data. This way, you can be sure that your data is completely correct and up-to-date for activation purposes.

  • Market Trends

    We can tell you about things that happened in the past (descriptive analytics), why they happened (diagnostic) and what is likely to occur in the future (predictive). We can also advise on what actions can be taken to realise your potential (prescriptive).

  • Data analysis

    In addition to analysing our data, we can also analyse your data or other data sources to realise your potential. For example, we can add extra insights and visualise things easily.

  • Go-to-market strategy

    In order to be ready for the activation phase, it is also essential to translate the found and analysed potential into successful activations. We go through questions like ”Which channels have previously proven effective with a similar target group?” ”What are the concerns of the decision-makers you want to approach to tailor the message to them?”

  • Data integration

    Data becomes even more applicable if you can integrate it directly into your existing systems. Here too, Smart Profile offers several options which we tailor to your needs.


Step 1

What is the challenge? We dive deep into it. Why is it a challenge? Is it the right challenge for you? And why so? After the initial discussions, we look at what is needed to draw up a plan of action.

Once the challenge has been identified, we look at our Smart Profile MarketBase to see which data can be useful.

Step 2

We compare data with the challenge to find the first insights. We compare our dataset with the market analysis and your own data from your CRM or other repository. Based on this, we can draw up a go-to-market strategy.

Step 3

With this input, the go-to-market strategy can be put into practice. Goals and targets are set in order to keep track of whether the go-to-market strategy is successful.

Back to step 1

After a while it is time to evaluate. Has the strategy worked? Do we need to adjust anything? If so, we will revisit step 1 and start the process again.

Often a lot of knowledge has already been gained within the organisation when it comes to data profiling. In general, many organisations already have insight into the markets in which they do better and where they encounter more resistance. How can this experience and knowledge be applied to, for example, all companies and sectors you do not yet know? For instance, are there connections between your most successful customers, which we can extrapolate to future customers?

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