One out of five applications runs on the cloud

The use of cloud applications can be measured in different ways. One way is to look into the degree of penetration; which part of the business sites uses applications from the cloud. The figure seems to be 63% at this time. Another way of calculating is to look into which part of all applications is a cloud solution. With the latter method, it would appear that one out of five applications in use at present (19%) runs on the cloud. Four years ago, that figure was just 6% and two years ago 11%.  The most important outlier seems to be the education sector. In this segment, cloud applications account for 41% of the applications mapped. For all other branches, this percentage (of cloud applications) is between 10% and 19%. This is shown by  an analysis by Computer Profile based on interviews with ca. 6,000 Dutch commercial and public sites with 50 or more employees.  

As already pointed out, there is clear growth in cloud applications as a percentage of all applications. The degree of penetration is also increasing constantly. In 2013, just under a third of all sites indicated that they used one or more cloud applications. Two years ago this was nearly half of the interviewed locations, whereas now it hovers in the vicinity of two thirds of the sites.  In education, nearly all sites, i.e. 93%, indicate that they use cloud applications. The government and healthcare sector score above average as well (67%).  The transport sector lags by far behind the rest.  Here, 45% of the sites indicate that they use cloud applications.  

Office most used solution from the cloud

The survey gauged whether a public, hosted  or private cloud solution was used per application inventoried by Smart Profile, or whether the application was still run on the premises within its own organization. 51,000 applications in all were mapped among the 6,000 sites interviewed. Some 3,800 sites indicated that they use cloud solutions (63%). A total of 9,000  inventoried applications run on the cloud (19% of the total).  The largest group (24%) within these 9,500 cloud applications consists of Office applications. HR applications account for an equally large part. The third largest group of cloud applications consists of Vertical solutions, e.g. student administration systems in education, solutions for local governments and healthcare applications.  

Suppliers of cloud applications

We naturally see a high correlation for suppliers of cloud solutions with the aforementioned segments in the inventoried cloud applications. Microsoft is the most commonly cited supplier of cloud solutions. About one third of the interviewed locations indicated that they used one or more Microsoft applications in the cloud. Office 365 is the most prevalent Microsoft cloud solution, but SharePoint and Exchange from the cloud are also encountered in a large user group. RAET is the second most cited vendor of cloud solutions. It concerns nearly exclusively HR applications. For AFAS, HR constitutes the largest part, but we also see a reasonable volume of ERP and Finance solutions running in the cloud. Nearly exclusively HR cloud solutions are encountered for ADP as well.  Schoolmaster and Salesforce are encountered about just as often in the cloud as ADP, i.e. specific software for education and CRM respectively.