Working from home: Frank from Jabra

Due to the current situation, many are forced to work from home, I also log in from my kitchen table every morning, just like all my other colleagues do from their home working situation. In addition to our own experiences at Smart Profile, we also take a look behind the scenes at other companies. For example, I am going to talk to Frank van Veen, Channel Marketing Manager B2B at Jabra, supplier of audio and video solutions. 

“Hi Frank. How are you working at home? ‘   

‘’Hi Jurgen. At Jabra I am already used to working from home. That equates to about 50% of my working week, so 2 to 2.5 days a week. I have also set up a home office with a good office chair, 2 monitors, adjustable desk, etc. In short, it is very similar to the workplace in the office, where I only spend 10% of my time.  

“Don’t you miss contact with colleagues?” 

“No, that is alright, because I call with a lot of colleaguesIn addition, I often visit our partners with my colleagues. At the moment I keep in touch by making a lot of video calls with colleagues, which makes the contact a bit more pleasant. “ 

‘’Clear. Have you had to switch over the last period, or did you manage since you are quite experienced when it comes to working from home?’’ 

Considering a child of almost 1.5 years and the closing of the childcare facilities, it’s really switching. My partner and I share the care for the little one and that requires the necessary flexibility in dividing our work”. 

“How do you make sure you’re not just working and looking after? 

‘’It took us a while to find a good schedule, but we’ve found it by now. That already provides a bit more rest and space to have some free time and relax. ‘’ 

In addition to Frank’s own experiences, I am also curious about the experiences towards the company perspective. It will probably be busy times for the supplier of headsets. 

In fact, we do not directly see differences between sectors, but mainly within sectors.

‘’In fact, we do not directly see differences between sectors, but mainly within sectors. Also, within the IT market, for example, I still see a lot of parties who have problems with this situation. Parties who have already embraced working from home were well equipped. It is also easier for a knowledge worker to work from home, of course. Even if it has to do with the possibilities of working from home for the knowledge worker.  

I have noticed that organisations that suddenly have to switch to working from home do face challenges such as the lack of budget for this investment in software and hardware. As a result, you see that employees sometimes start using creative tools themselves, which does not always have a positive outcome. Think of the use of free video services and calling through the speaker of the laptop. ‘’ 

‘You can say that there is a lot of potential at some companies at the moment? How do you handle that as a marketer, considering your own proposition?’’ 

“Our solutions and marketing campaigns have been aimed at, among others, homeworkers for years. Therefore, nothing changes in that area. However, we do see that there is much more demand for our solutions now and that is also reflected in our website visits.’’ 

”That’s great to hear. When you look to the future, do you expect people’s attitudes to working from home to change? ‘’ 

“Yeah, of course it makes you think. To what extent am I going to be stuck in traffic every morning? Couldn’t I first do a few things at home and then go to the office after the traffic jams? 

Besides, it really isn’t always necessary to have face to face meetings, so I do expect that some meetings will be moved to video calls”. 

‘’Working from home can also increase productivity, as long as you have the right facilities and children can go back to school or care!’’ 

Franks home office

About Jabra 

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