Why do you want to outsource Inside Sales?

You have an expert sales team that will generate the necessary turnover. So why should you think about outsourcing sales activities?

In the current situation, we often notice that within the sales-team most time is spent on following up current customers and sales that rarely comes to approaching new prospects. This is approximately equivalent to 2 call attempts per day. We have bundled the five most important advantages of outsourcing inside sales for you.

1. Experienced professionals

If you choose a telesales team with experience, you will soon reap the benefits. Just as you are a specialist in your profession, our telesales team is pro in the field of telephone acquisition. Our team is skilled to call on B2B ICT and Fleet propositions and is not afraid of the necessary professional language.

2. Time

As mentioned in the introduction, many sales simply don’t have the time to spend all day researching and approaching new prospects. You do need continuity when it comes to getting the busy DMU(decision-making unit) on the line. The Smart Profile telesales team does nothing else, which makes it possible for us to call all day for you. This is equivalent to 80 call attempts per day. Because our team takes the first step, your sales team can do what they do best, sit at a customer’s table that is specific enough to qualify further down the pipeline.

 3. Talking to the right decision-makers

Now that we have the time to devote all day to your proposition, it is of the utmost importance that we do not waste our time by approaching irrelevant contacts. Through our B2B Benelux database, the MarketBase, we can make the right selection in your total addressable market. This gives us an overview of all the locations where decisions are made and the specific roles with relevant positions and name. This way we know where to find the right people and we do not get stuck with gatekeepers.

4. Buying cycle insights

Now that we know which people to approach (e.g. all companies with 500+ employees using Salesforce) we can make targeted calls. Unfortunately, not every call leads to a lead, but we can gauge whether there is an intention to switch or whether the contract will expire in a year. Based on the insights we get from the phone calls, we can build up the pipeline for you on a short-term and long-term basis and provide you with market insight.

5. ROI

At first, it may sound less appealing to hire extra people instead of using your own sales team. By outsourcing to an experienced party, you will eventually get more leads and thus more sales. Besides the fact what a telesales team delivers, you also save by not hiring anyone internally for this. Our campaigns run for shorter periods. This allows you to flexibly deploy extra ‘staff’ during periods of the year when you can use it.

Would you like to know more about how these benefits can help you further? Or are you curious about how we can help you even more? Fill in the contact form or make a call if you dare!