Why less leads to more

In this story, I will explain the power of ‘less’. There is a lot of information in our business database, the MarketBase,
yet today, I’m going to explain why ‘less’ will ultimately give you ‘more’.

5,5 million companies

During customer meetings, we often get the question, “But I want the whole market, the competitor had many more, don’t you have all 5.5 million companies?”. Yes, we do, but we’re not going to give it to you, and here’s why:

First of all, it is a very practical story; nobody has time to approach 5.5 million companies.

In addition, not every organisation has a phone number or address available because they are only financial holding companies or shell companies. When we filter out this noise, 2.9 million companies remain in the Benelux.

Case study

Suppose you want to bring a product or service to the attention of your accounts. Your list of accounts includes Gall & Gall. You would like the Gall & Gall around the corner to use your product or service, but the Gall & Gall around the corner does not make the decisions. These are not made locally but by the central organisation of Ahold, to which Gall & Gall belongs.

If we look at the group structure, we see that Ahold has 1406 organisations in the Benelux, 1220 of which have a telephone number. At the main location in Zaandam, 49 companies are registered with the same telephone number, but they only have one doorbell. So you don’t want to speak to Mrs Janssen 30 times with the same pitch.

Key Account Indicators

Based on this market knowledge, we have already selected companies with offices where decisions are made (this means employees with decision-making powers). Here you end up with 2.3 million organisations, which is still quite a lot.

We would like to talk to you to see how we can make this selection even smaller. We do this based on Key Account Indicators (KAI). These are indicators that determine when an account is essential for you.

This is different for everyone. Think of indicators such as certain functions, number of employees or workplaces, roof area, turnover, software, vehicle fleet and many more.

After this final filtering, you finally arrive at your total addressable market (TAM). Now it is time to see what you want to do with all this information.

And then?

We can compare this information with your data in your CRM, or we can help activate this data through an e-mail or telephone campaign.

In short, less will get you more in the end. You don’t want to pay for accounts that are not relevant and that you will not use (not to mention the indirect costs you incur when sales spend time on the wrong accounts).

In the end, we only have to call Mrs Janssen once.

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