Filling your CRM system in a structured way can be quite a challenge. Especially if you want to add the complete decision making unit and keep all data up-to-date. A task that can be quite intimidating as a whole. Moreover, it requires a considerable investment of time on the part of your sales team. Time in which they cannot do what they are really good at: closing deals. And that is exactly when Smart Profile comes into play. We help you realise your marketing and sales potential.

Data integration (1+1=3)

When integrating data, we first match your data with the data from our MarketBase. We then analyse the result to ensure that the integrated data is relevant and easy to use. What does this mean for you? Less costs and more effectiveness. The benefits of data integration should not be underestimated, because on average:

  • 30% of the contacts in your CRM system are outdated after a year;
  • 30% of your addressable market is not included in your CRM system;
  • 30% of the accounts in your CRM system do not belong to your addressable market;
  • Prospects are called several times by different internal and external agencies, which leads to annoyance.


The more data you have available, the more data you need to store. But how do you make sure you don’t drown in this sea of data? We are constantly looking for the best distribution and processing methods to keep the growing amount of data manageable. We do this, for example, by making links with CRM systems, but also by building a dynamic API shell around our data.


When evaluating your current data, we use the following checklist:

  • Reach
    Is your database focused on the entire market, with in-depth information on all relevant prospects?
  • Quality
    How often is the database updated and is the date of the last revision recorded?
  • Segmentation
    To what extent is it possible to select prospects on the basis of relevant criteria?
  • Uniformity
    Is the database uniform and structured?
  • Effectiveness
    Is there any overlap in marketing and/or sales activities and is this likely to cause problems?