Fleet insights platform


Would you like to know the driving behaviour of your fleet? Are you a fleet owner, insurer or leasing company, and do you want to see which companies or organisations show the best driving behaviour? Then the Fleet Insights Platform is right for you.

Insights can yield the following improvements:

  • Reducing fuel consumption;
  • Fewer accidents;
  • A reduction in maintenance costs;
  • A decrease in CO2 emissions;
  • Lower insurance costs.

The platform allows you to encourage green driving, set goals, analyse your employees’ driving behaviour, learn and link incentives to driving behaviour.

Using data science, interaction with drivers through measuring devices and vehicle telemetry,

the Fleet Insights Platform can register the following criteria:

  • Acceleration

    When is extra throttle applied

  • Deceleration

    When does the driver brake

  • Emergency brakes

    When is the brake abruptly applied?

  • Coasting

    Does the driver let the car coast?

  • Idling

    Is the engine switched off when not in use or does it continue to run?

  • Cruise control

    Is the cruise control used for constant speed?

  • Tilting in the bend

    How much the vehicle tilts?

  • Distracted driving

    Do drivers use mobile phones while driving?

  • Speed

    Does the driver keep to the speed limit?

  • Fuel consumption

    What is the fuel consumption of this car compared to the rest of the fleet?

Suitable for:


  • Behaviour based driving/ lease
  • Fleet benchmarks
  • Improved financial results
  • Optimizing green impact


  • Fewer maintenance costs
  • Less insurance cost
  • Less traffic fines
  • Improved driver engagement
  • Optimizing fleet green impact


  • Improved driving skills
  • Contribution to the environment
  • Gained incentives (Driver of the month)

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