In addition to general business information, we also have market-specific information, such as information within the organisation about business security, cleaning, business gifts, office equipment and/or coffee/tea consumption. Let’s start working with the insights that are relevant to you in order to realise your potential!

Spend time on those accounts that are really relevant to you

Whether you are looking for companies with facility managers, or companies that use corporate catering, we have these companies on the radar! We also see how many people are working within a company and how many workplaces there are, using this information we can also determine trends in the market and create look-a-likes.

There is also an increasing number of data-driven business units within the company, we also see this within facility management. Data helps to quantify workplace data. This information can confirm known inefficient processes, make new connections or prove that a hypothesis is incorrect. By bundling this information about facility management, we can make predictions and make analyses.

If you are looking for a certain variable or if you are wondering if we can give you an insight into it, please inform us as well. Our team of data scientists and analysts is able to provide these insights through our Smart Profile Labs team.

For example, we work with key account indicators ourselves. A Key Account Indicator (KAI) are indicators or criteria that an account has to meet to be relevant for you. The KAI is used to determine your target group and to get in touch with them. These indicators can differ per company, department, proposition, or product.

What are important indicators for you?

Let us know and we’ll get back to you!

Converting data to commercial success

Not only do we offer you the insights, but we are also able to activate that data by making the information about the relevant decision-makers available or, for example, by sending these people an email completely in your look-and-feel. We can also take this off your hands by taking action to generate qualified leads for your sales team. We have a team of experts who can execute, coordinate and optimise campaigns. The perfect addition to your commercial team!

Companies using our market specific data


We ask a lot from Smart Profile, in the sense that we regularly have ad hoc requests and segmentation requests. With a permanent contact person and ‘own’ data analyst, this always goes fast and is worth its weight in gold”.

GWS dé schoonmaker

”Where online tactics are often discussed these days, this action has shown that offline tactics can also be very successful. After 1.5 months, 60 pieces have been sent. 5 of those 60 pieces led to an appointment and 1 of those 5 even resulted in a new customer”.

Landrover/ Jaguar

As responsible for promoting Jaguar Land Rover within the corporate market, Kris Verleye is a real fan of the services offered by Smart Profile. “In my view, we use the services on three levels,” Kris explains enthusiastically.


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Converting data to commercial success

Would you also like to know how we convert data into strategy and activate it? Through our campaigns we generate insights and leads. Because we always use one data for campaigns, we always shoot with focus. See what more we can do for you.

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