In addition to general business information, we also have market-specific information, such as for the Fleet and Mobility sector. This gives us insight into mobility plans and fleet characteristics of the most relevant companies in the Benelux.

Our Fleet and Mobility data consist of information on company level, contact and fleet-specific data. This way you can filter on fleet size and mobility plans within different regions. You can also filter on Fleet, Finance and/or HR Managers. In addition to these functionalities, we also have insight into various modules:

  • Car policy

    This involves looking at elements like the brands used, whether the cars used are EV, PHEV, etc.  and the breakdown into management and employee cars. In this module, we also look at track and trace solutions and car-sharing.

  • Commercial vehicles

    Which vans, buses or vehicles with grey registration are used within the organisation is the question that is answered here.

  • Financial method

    This module focuses on the financing of the fleet and insurance. If lease is used, we look at the type of lease construction used.

  • Fuel Cards, own pump and EV-solutions

    This title speaks for itself, tank passes and the use of charging stations can be found here. We also have the brands and quantities of these solutions at our disposal.

  • Mobility Solutions

    Contrary to car policy, this is about mobility policy with attention to cycling plans and mobility passes.

  • Specialized Vehicles

    This concerns all vehicles that are not cars, buses or lorries/trucks, such as forklifts and construction vehicles.

  • Total Cars, Employees and Management, Engine, brands

    This module mainly focuses on the cars in the fleet. It looks at the fuel, the brands and whether the management uses other brands, etc.

  • Totals

    Within the Total module, we make a distinction on the numbers within the different types such as passenger cars, commercial vehicles and trucks but also on the numbers per type of drive such as EV, CNG etc.

  • Trucks and trailers

    As the name implies, trucks, semi-trailers and trailers are the main focus of attention. Here, too, we look at the numbers, the brands and the type of drive.

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1+1=3. We also work with dealer programs.

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Companies using our market specific data

KBC Lease

KBC Autolease, one of the largest players in the Luxembourg fleet market, uses Smart Profile solutions to optimise their commercial strategy. Grégory Bous, Sales Manager, explains:

Landrover/ Jaguar

As responsible for promoting Jaguar Land Rover within the corporate market, Kris Verleye is a real fan of the services offered by Smart Profile. “In my view, we use the services on three levels,” Kris explains enthusiastically.

Prometheus Informatics

“From the first contact with Job Boons from Smart Profile it became clear to me that they could help us with our challenge. We wanted to increase our brand awareness among carriers with regard to telematics and our associated cloud platform,” explains Paul van Ruler, Commercial Director at Prometheus Informatics B.V.


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