Only the right accounts

By means of Key Account Indicators

Finding the correct accounts to focus on can sometimes be tricky. How do you know what the right accounts are for you before you contact them? Through our data, we can map out your potential.

With Key Account Indicator(KAI) ‘s help, we can help you use your marketing and sales time even more effectively. Because with the right indicators, you can see perfectly how big your potential is and which future customers fall into this category.

Why use Key Account Indicators?

Looking critically at what criteria a company must have to be of interest to you will give you the following benefits:

  • Focus and resources on the correct accounts
  • Better product-market fit
  • Higher conversion
  • Increased customer satisfaction

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What are Key Account Indicators?

A KAI (Key Account Indicator) is a criterion or indicator that an account must fulfil to be relevant for you. These characteristics form the basis for your ”ideal” customer profile.

The KAI can help you to map out your target group, and can also be used when launching new products and/or entering new markets.

What types of indicators are there?

Organisation: employees, turnover

Market segment: car fleet, energy

Sales & business model: online, franchise

Location, Geography & Environment: (network) infrastructure, land & property location

Product & Service: current solutions, suppliers & competitors

Demographics (Micro. Macro, Meso): population density, climate targets

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