Qualified leads

We think it is vital to help you structurally and therefore in the long term. Or, as we say, we can realise your untapped potential. For this, we use qualification criteria, purchase cycle insights and dashboards with results. This way, you have qualified leads and the right insights to apply follow-up actions (nurturing) at the right time.

Qualified leads via the BANT criteria

We only supply you with BANT qualified leads. So our leads are not just any leads. They meet at least 2 of the following criteria:

  • Budget – a lead is only a lead if it has the financial means to purchase your service or product
  • Authority – does someone have the authority to decide whether to purchase your product/service? Thanks to our Smart Profile MarketBase, we have perfect insight into all decision-makers, and we, therefore, contact the right people within the organisation.
  • Need – does the prospect have an urgent business problem, and do we solve the problem with your product or service?
  • Time – with all the above boxes ticked, it is essential to know when they have the available budget. By providing insight into the buying cycle, we are perfectly able to keep track of the time frame within which this moment occurs.

Buying cycle insights

Various studies show that only 5 to 10% of your total market is currently open to your solution. Therefore, you must know which group and when the other relevant organisations will be in the market. That is why we offer you insight into the purchase cycle of the organisations relevant to you. Not only do we have insight into current projects, but we also keep a record of the level of interest and the phase of the purchase cycle from every conversation.

Campaign results = new insights

Campaigns carried out, leads followed up and then what? Ensure that the next move is even more successful and translate the insights into concrete action points. That sounds easy, but it isn’t. That is why we help you with dashboards to provide insight into campaign results. This way, you can easily see which groups or subgroups responded well or not to specific messages or solutions offered.