We can run campaigns for you, but you can also get started right away with our data. Of course, fully integrated with your data in the system used by your organisation. This integration is handy and ensures that your data is always up-to-date. To think about it, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are there any duplicate addresses in your systems?
  • Does it cost you a lot of time to manage the data?
  • Do you notice that many organisations do not belong to your target group that is approached by sales, so you incur a lot of costs on ‘out-of-target data?

You are almost there….

Data integration via our API

Our APIs ensure that customer data is automatically validated and enriched with the key account indicators that you choose:

  • Facilitate the entry of addresses;
  • Enrich your data with company data, organizational structure and decision-makers of your customers and prospects;
  • Add information about the ICT infrastructure or vehicle fleet of organizations;
  • Add new organizations that are also part of your target group.

Work efficiently, ensure that no more relevant data falls between the cracks and let the investments you have made yield a measurable return!

Based on this data-driven process, you always have the necessary market intelligence available

Data Dictionary

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