The first step to structurally more business is to find where that business or potential is located. With over 25 years of experience in building and maintaining company data in the Benelux, we know how to help you perfectly. Not only do we offer in-depth insights into the companies and organizations that are relevant to you, we are also able to provide insight into what is going on within that organization and market. Below we explain which in-depth insights we have available and how we can use this for you.

Our data

Our database, the MarketBase, consists of all companies in the Benelux. The data ranges from company size and group structure to contact details (DMU). In addition, we have in-depth insights such as the hardware and software used, the vehicle fleet and the number of charging stations. We use our data to provide insight into where the opportunities lie for you. We do not go for quantity, but for quality. We only offer those locations and organizations that are really relevant. In addition, we validate the data through various sources, including telephone validation.

Data visualisation

Insight can also be created by visualizing existing data through dashboards. For example, we have a dashboard called MarketViewer which provides insight into all our data. We also visualize the results of campaigns that have been carried out, such as e-mail and telephone campaigns.
Moreover, we can also visualize your data to gain more insight.

Market developments

In addition to insight into organisations that are relevant to you, we also provide insight into developments in the market. We do this by looking at things from the past, present and also the future from our own data, but also by conducting research and analysis in the market. For example, we can provide insight into the market shares of certain providers.