for drivers

As a driver, you always have insight into your driving behaviour with our app. This allows you to improve your driving, compare how others drive and get rewards for that improved driving style. You will be surprised by the amount of data we share with you. We can show you exactly where you accelerated, where you had to brake abruptly and where your fuel consumption was above average.

A friendly competition: Who can score higher, you or your colleague?

Insights into personal driving behaviour

The dashboard and the app allow you to keep track of all your journeys.
This way, you can see what your driving style is. You might be speeding or maybe braking too hard.
You also get tips and tricks so you can see your score go up!

Learn from and with your colleagues

Compare with your colleagues what you see in your dashboard!
Perhaps there is a big difference in driving style, does one drive more economically than the other?
Does your colleague drive a route that is faster?
Turn it into a fun contest; who can score the highest?

Contribute to a clean and safe environment

Good driving behaviour is not only good for the wallet, but also for the environment!
By correcting your mistakes, you can reduce your environmental impact as a driver and make your surroundings safer.

What insights do you get with our platform?

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