for leasing/insurance companies

As an insurer or leasing company, you benefit from the lowest risks. This is partly determined by the driver’s driving behaviour. With our multi-fleet overview you can keep track of multiple fleets in one place.
For example, it is possible to offer contracts based on driving behaviour. That is fair and has a positive influence on the financial results.

Comparing Fleets/creating benchmarks

You can divide your fleet into groups and categories to have an overview the way you want. You can then compare these categories with each other! This way you can easily keep track of the different results per fleet.

Insights in driving behaviour per fleet

Of course you do not only have a global overview.
You also get a detailed (but anonymous) overview per fleet. This way you can also keep an eye on what is going on within a single fleet.

Offer based on driving behaviour

When someone incurs more costs, it is natural that they also pay more. But you can also turn this around by offering a personalized offer based on driving behaviour! Our alerts show you exactly where improvements in driving behavior are possible.
That is fair and also has a positive influence on the financial results.

What insights do you get with our platform?

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