Fleet Insights Platform

for partners

Would you like to work with us to make business mobility even cleaner, economical and safer?
For example in supplying data or in applying our insights? You can!
Contact us and we might create a nice cooperation.

Some of our current partners:



Crossyn Automotive, analytics or data platform, and Smart Profile work together strategically. With a shared passion for data, Crossyn takes care of obtaining data from vehicles and Smart Profile translates this into a clear dashboard through the Fleet Insights Platform.


HelloMobility partners with SmartProfile to deliver data-driven coaching. By analyzing the data of your fleet and giving you personal tips, we help you with less damage, lower costs and above all a safe fleet.


Dragintra is able to take over the entire fleet management of organizations. Smart Profile helps with insights to further supplement Dragintra’s fleet management, so that organizations can be relieved even better

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