Whether you are looking for companies with facility managers, or companies that use corporate catering, we have these companies on the radar! We also see how many people are working within a company and how many workplaces there are, using this information we can also determine trends in the market and create look-a-likes.

There is also an increasing number of data-driven business units within the company, we also see this within facility management. Data helps to quantify workplace data. This information can confirm known inefficient processes, make new connections or prove that a hypothesis is incorrect. By bundling this information about facility management, we can make predictions and make analyses.

Curious as to how we visualise these things?

Key Account Indicators

For example, we work with key account indicators ourselves. A Key Account Indicator (KAI) are indicators or criteria that an account has to meet to be relevant for you. The KAI is used to determine your target group and to get in touch with them. These indicators can differ per company, department, proposition, or product. That’s why we work with you to find the perfect balance.


Are you looking for a certain variable or are you curious if we can give you insights in something? Dont be afraid to ask us! Our team of data scientists and analysts are happy to help you via our Smart Profile Labs team to help you gain those insights!

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