We can offer insight into job changes and people who are looking for a new job, on the other hand, we can also see which job vacancies are open. This data is available via our MarketBase. In addition to insight into positions, we can also map out which HR software is used within a company. How many people are employed and how many workplaces there are, or if flex spaces are used. People are currently forced to work from home, but the expectation is that the (rental) costs of office buildings will rise in the coming years.

Also, more and more data-driven units are being organised within the company, which is why we are noticing the rise of HR analytics. As a result, decisions are no longer made on the basis of gut feeling alone, but data plays a major role in this. Whereas previously a simple file was a representation of the ‘things that happened’, the same information is now available in real-time and can be compared with each other. It offers possibilities for discovering and shaping patterns and trends. This in turn forms the basis for predictions about what is going to happen or another strategy.

Curious as to how we visualise these things?

Key Account Indicators

For example, we work with key account indicators ourselves. A Key Account Indicator (KAI) are indicators or criteria that an account has to meet to be relevant for you. The KAI is used to determine your target group and to get in touch with them. These indicators can differ per company, department, proposition, or product. That’s why we work with you to find the perfect balance.


Are you looking for a certain variable or are you curious if we can give you insights in something? Dont be afraid to ask us! Our team of data scientists and analysts are happy to help you via our Smart Profile Labs team to help you gain those insights!

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