In addition to general business information, we also have market-specific information, such as for the ICT sector. For example, we have insight into the hardware and software of end-users and their ICT channel partners throughout the Benelux.



Would you like to see for yourself how big your target group is? Take a look at our MarketViewer ICT, filter and see how big your relevant target audience is.



Would you like to see possible new channel partners? Take a look at our ChannelViewer ICT, filter and see for yourself how big your target audience is.

Our ICT data consists of information on company level, contact level and detailed technographics. This enables you to filter on the number of screens and to make a distinction between head offices, IT centres, factories and branches. In addition, you can filter on the location of the software (hosted, cloud, local, remote).

Next, we have insight into various modules:

  • Business applications

    These are the business applications that are used, such as CRM, ERP, HR, Finance, Marketing Automation, Security and BI tooling.

  • Connectivity

    This module focuses on the network, such as a possible VPN connection, network security and the interpretation of the Wide Area Network (WAN).

  • Fixed Voice

    This section is about how telephony is organised and the use of such things as PBX and VOIP.

  • Local Network

    Where connectivity is mainly about the network to the outside world, this section is mainly about the local area network (LAN) and, among other things, its security.

  • Mobile Communication

    This module looks at smartphones, their operating systems, the provider and mobile device management (MDM).

  • OS & Management software

    This mainly concerns the chosen operating systems (OS), such as mainframe software, programming languages and virtual applications/servers, etc.

  • Personal Computing

    Within this module we look at the use of desktops, network PCs, laptops and tablets.

  • Printing

    Of course, you will find information about the printers used, including multifunctionals and 3D printers.

  • Servers

    This module zooms in on the servers used within an organisation, including cloud servers.

  • Storage

    In this last module, the main focus is on storage and backup.

Do you want to know exactly what data we have? Then take a look at the list with all the information you can filter to get to your perfect target group.


Smart Profile offers a fully integrated partner program to support the reseller channel in generating leads and increasing business. With this programme, campaigns are run with minimal overhead for the organisation and generate maximum, measurable ROI (return on investment) with the available MDF (Market Development Funds). We currently run these programmes for Microsoft and Kaspersky.

Companies using our market specific data


”From the 109 organisations that were called, 50 organisations were interested, 12 appointments have been made and the first deal has now been signed,” mentions Laura Bakker, Channel Marketeer at Uniserver


“By opting for a European programme, insights have created that work on a European scale. These insights are very valuable for both our partners and us,” admits Jan Willem Barkmeijer, Partner Marketing Advisor for SMB and Central GTM Marketing Motions at Microsoft.


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