Market developments

On average, only 5% is currently in the market for your solution and knowledge of all market developments is crucial to win against your competitors. Through our market insights, we provide insight into market shares, company developments and the actual state of affairs regarding market developments, which are frequently reported in the media.

On top of changes through MarketAlerts

Through our so-called MarketAlerts, we offer insight into fast-growing organisations, mergers and acquisitions and the adoption of new technology.
Is a specific development at an organisation interesting for you to get in touch with? We are happy to think with you to gain insight into this.

Market research and analysis

In addition to insight into important changes, we have also been providing insight for many years into the development of market shares with regard to various hardware and software and the composition of vehicle fleets.

Our take on external market research

In addition to our own studies and analyses, there are also various other parties that publish interesting market studies. We highlight these in the blogs we write, so that you can derive important insights from them to eventually do more business on a structural basis, or realise your potential, as we say.