Microsoft Partner Program Registration

With the Microsoft co-funded partner program you will generate highly qualified leads (BANT) within a set period of time. Based on our market intelligence, you can get all the necessary insights to do effective nurturing.

Every campaign is based on input from our propriety database, containing up-to-date group structure, decision-making unit (DMU) information and IT install base information. We for example know, which companies are already using Dynamics or Office365.
With every campaign you will get additional insight into you target audience making sure you realize your market potential!

Local culture, local language means we use local partners

Based on cultural and language differences we work with local partners as part of the European Market Intelligence Group (EMIG). Below you can find the partners per country

Austria Jota
Benelux Smart Profile
Nordics Brightvision
Italy Sirmi
Spain Samira
Switzerland Profundia
Portugal Samira
Ireland T.B.D.
Customer Journey Computer Profile