Microsoft partner program

Dear Microsoft partner, on this page you will find more information about our European tele demand generation engine build on market intelligence. Thanks to this engine we are able to build up pipeline within the desired time-frame, resulting in leads and multiple interactions for follow-up.

Partner program presentation

In this presentation, you can read about our five-step-process that turns every Tele campaign into a success and delivers BANT qualified leads. Curious about how much percentage we can add to your own database? Read the presentation under the button or watch the video.


In the past 2 years, a lot of interviews were conducted with decisionmakers. For example, a 15 days campaign which focusses on 500 decisionmakers will result in an average of interviews with 90 decisionmakers, 16 projects and 11 leads. Normally your own inside sales team does not have the time and resources to call 15 days in a row on new propositions, our dedicated sales team is able to call the whole day which leads to approximately 90 calls a day.



Curious about your TAM(Total addressable market)? With our MarketViewer ICT, you can discover your target audience within the Benelux. Make selections which are relevant to you, think of the usage of a specific ERP, CRM or hardware solution and find the detailed results on the different tabs.

This visualization of our MarketBase allows you to draw conclusions about the size of your possible audience. Curious about our free insights?

Are you not looking for data within the Benelux?
Try our MarketViewer Europe ICT instead!



You have an expert sales team that will generate the necessary turnover. So why should you think about outsourcing sales activities anyway? Read our blog to get the advantages of outsourcing sales. Instead of replacing your team, we are a great addition to create leads/pipeline for your sales, see us as an extension of your own team. teamwork makes the dreamwork.

“Smart Profile’s quality is very high regarding demand generation, project management and market intelligence originating from their database”

These Partners trust us:



”Smart Profile achieved the goal faster than we had anticipated. We worked together to establish the metrics beforehand, so both Smart Profile and we had the same goal in mind,” mentions Odeta mota, Marketing Manager at myPartner.

ABC E-business

”Sanne, our contact at Smart Profile, was always quick to respond and helped us finetuning the target group for the campaign. As a result, the leads that were delivered have all met our criteria,” adds Lars Hoving, manager Sales & Marketing.

Fourtop ICT

“Our experience was that telemarketing parties are not eager to call on ICT propositions, while Smart Profile indicated that it is something they do every day”, indicates Douwe van der Graaf, Sales and Marketing Manager at Fourtop.

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Based on cultural and language differences we work with local partners as part of our European network.
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