Smart Profile for the Hartstichting

We have a Heart for Business and are therefore committed to being a prevention partner for Hartstichting. Like Hartstichting, we believe that everyone deserves a healthy heart. That is why we think Hartstichting must make the Netherlands more heart-safe by detecting heart problems earlier and treating them better.

Everybody a healthy heart

The Hartstichting does everything it can to make your heart and the hearts of others beat. Every day. A healthy heart for everyone. That is also our dream. Through 4 goals, the Heart Foundation tries to achieve it:

  • 1. A heart-healthy life for all

    A healthy heart is not something to be taken for granted. Live a healthy and active life. That way, you reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

  • 2.Everyone knows their heart

    Do you know how high your blood pressure, cholesterol and BMI are? This is important because if they are too high, you can do something about it in time.

  • 3. Fast help for everyone

    If you recognise the signs of cardiovascular disease, you can take action quickly. Every minute counts. By acting quickly you can save someone else’s heart.

  • 4. The best treatment for everyone

    Researchers search for solutions to detect cardiovascular diseases earlier. Every day again. If something happens to your heart, you want the best treatment.