Computer Profile and Fleet Profile have become Smart Profile

Combination of market intelligence and demand generation helps B2B companies focus on the right leads


Breda/Zaventem, January 21 2019 –Computer Profile and Fleet Profile continue together under the company name Smart Profile. The name change is in line with the development that both organizations have gone through: from partner for direct marketing to supplier of integrated market intelligence solutions for the B2B market. The name Smart Profile not only fits better with what the organization does, but also fits in with the ambition to expand the activities to other market segments besides the ICT and Fleet & Mobility, where it has focussed to date.

Managing directors Pierre Mercier and Michiel Alkemade explain why the time was right for this step: “Just as the way customers look for a product or service has changed, you also see that B2B marketing and sales departments face new challenges. How do you make optimum use of data to increase the return on your activities? As a Smart Profile, we link market intelligence and demand generation to obtain continuously enriched insights. These high-quality insights enable B2B organizations to focus on the most interesting leads and thus save valuable time. ”

Smart integration of data, data analysis and visualization

The basis of the platform is the market intelligence database in which internal and external data, about Benelux organizations with at least 50 employees, is brought together. The platform includes information about group structures, decision makers (DMU) and (channel) partners. The greatest added value comes from the in-depth knowledge of installed hardware, software and the characteristics of the vehicle fleet. Through smart integration of data, data analysis and visualization, B2B organizations can identify their most promising target market and continuously enrich their own data.

An important addition to the platform is the demand generation activities carried out by the experienced business development specialists of Smart Profile. They advise and guide organizations in the demand generation process. This makes it easier for B2B marketers to generate qualified leads and makes it easier for B2B sales to follow up leads. They can rely on good quality data, advanced data management and a complete picture of the potential market. New customers of Smart Profile benefit from the years of knowledge and experience gained at organizations such as HPE, Leaseplan, Salesforce, BMW, Microsoft, Google and Amazon.

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