That realises your potential

At Smart Profile we translate market data into commercial insight. This way we set up lead/demand generation campaigns based on data from our database. Would you like to approach your market in an additional way? Social Selling is the solution! There are almost 600,000,000 people using LinkedIn – that’s quite a number. 

You can use social selling to build relationships. In this way, you reach customers you wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach. That’s why social selling is often used in account-based campaigns. With this tactic, we try to get in touch with decision-makers through multiple channels.


You start by making a list within LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Make a list of 100 to 150 contacts. As soon as you start adding relevant people to the list (this can be based on location, job title, etc.) LinkedIn will automatically propose contacts similar to the ones you have already selected. Keep it at a maximum of 150, so you don’t lose focus.

Do not send standard messages. You yourself would not respond to them either, right? Find relevant things to include in your message. Do you have the same interests? Mutual connections? Do you work in the same industry? Or are you familiar with the organisation they work for? Use it to send a personal message.

The rule is that you spend 15 minutes per contact on research and adapting the message.

Personalise your content. Nobody wants to receive a boring sales pitch. After you’ve done your research, spend time personalising the message. Is this a message you want to receive yourself? Don’t start a sales pitch right away. Start with a positive note about the person in question. Did you like his/her message? Has the person recently made a job change or has he or she been promoted? Or do you have a mutual bond? Use this to start the conversation!

Also keep in mind that 50% of the people you are in contact with read the message on their phone. So keep it short!

Please be patient. Wait until the right time to send people a message. If you send the message, keep in mind that the majority of people won’t respond at all or at least not immediately. Don’t send a new message the day after someone hasn’t responded. This can be perceived as intrusive.


Which audience do you want to focus on and why?

When it comes to social selling, the target group is even more important, because you spend a lot of time researching that specific person. Together with you, we determine the perfect target group and strategy. Thanks to our database, the MarketBase, we can easily filter the relevant companies and contacts for you and use them as your total addressable market.

The right approach

In order to determine the right approach, we ask ourselves the following questions:

  • Which accounts are also active on LinkedIn and therefore have a higher success rate?
  • How do you combine social selling with other tactics?
  • Which aspects of social listening can be the triggers to get in touch with each other?
  • How can we make use of your organisation’s existing network?


Evaluate and next steps

While the campaign is running, we keep track of all the contacts we have spoken to, the stored accounts, etc., to see where we are reaching the highest conversion ratio. 

We then determine the next step. Do you want to place advertisements on this group? Do you want to transfer these leads to marketing and sales? Or would you like to contact them again in a month’s time?