E-mail campaigns

that realise your potential

At Smart Profile we translate market data into commercial insight. This way we set up lead/demand generation campaigns based on data from our database.

If you want to spread your message widely, you need the right contacts. We help you to get your message across to the people who make the decision. Whether you want to send several emails at once or test what works best for your specific target group – we’ve got you.


Email addresses of
Benelux decisionmakers


With our MarketBase we easily filter the right contacts. We have all the necessary information and contact details from the DMU(Decisionmaking unit). Because how good is a strong message if it doesn’t reach the right people?

With email marketing you get your message across in no time. Only one message is needed to reach a large number of contacts.

Who opened your e-mail, or even clicked through to the website? An e-mail campaign is ideal for measuring results. Testing with dynamic content provides you with lots of valuable information.

The new GDPR makes it difficult to get in touch with the right people. Without the right permission, you quickly get stuck. From our MarketBase we can get in touch with contacts, under your name and with the right permission.

Personalised content is no longer ‘nice to have’ – it is a must. With the information from our MarketBase, such as name, company and position, personalisation becomes child’s play.


Sending your message through the letterbox, that’s outdated, isn’t it? Think again! Some reasons why you should consider a direct mail campaign are:

  • You stand out and your message is remembered more easily;
  • Since your ‘message’ physically passes through more hands, it can increase your reach;
  • Creativity knows no limits;
  • You have to deal with minimal competition.

Curious? Read our reference case from cleaning company GWS, they did a direct mail campaign!


Does writing e-mails also cost you unnecessarily much time? It seems simple, but getting your message across correctly requires the necessary expertise. That’s why we’ve put together a handy checklist to help you write faster and better converting e-mails. A small sneak peak:

  • Keep them short
  • Build a real relationship
  • Encourage the reader to take action
  • Provide a simple layout
  • Personalise the content
  • Test it
  • Solve a problem for the reader
  • Determine a strong tone of voice
  • Use UTM tags to measure results

Curious about the full checklist?


Our smarties help you build valuable relationships and convert rich data into rock-solid leads. Only when you know who to approach, at what time, with what message and through which channel, you will be able to really realise all your potential. 


Here we visualise multiple mailings from one customer. Among other things, the dashboard gives you insight into the accounts with which you are most in contact and splits interaction into ‘open rate’ and ‘CTOR’. You can filter by e-mail title, country, department or organisation.