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Much more leads thanks to contact information that is complete and up-to-date

For many years there has been a good collaboration between Anylinq and Smart Profile, formerly Computer Profile. At the beginning of this year, this connection was further strengthened by Anita Burgers, marketing manager at AnyLinQ. “From our propositions we like to get in touch with the IT manager within commercial organizations, especially organizations with more than 150 workplaces. As Smart Profile has demonstrated more often that it can provide such data, I contacted them, ”explains Anita Burgers.

A professional sparring partner

“In my contact with Sjuul Martin, I experienced Smart Profile as a professional party that has a great deal of knowledge and experience with such issues. In addition, the necessary patience is maintained if internal priorities are first looked at, which I greatly appreciated, “adds the marketing manager of AnyLinQ.

From targeted telephone contact to a specific appointment

Data was supplied on the basis of a joint selection, which is used by the internal sales staff of AnyLinQ to make contact. The goal is to eventually make an appointment for an account manager, whereby internal sales are able to put this appointment directly in the agenda of his / her colleague.

“Thanks to the Smart Profile’s intelligence, we have generated much more leads, especially at companies and organizations that we did not know before.”

A relevant message and the role of GDPR

Both AnyLinQ and Smart Profile regularly contact IT decision makers by telephone, whereby Smart Profile often does so on behalf of various parties. AnyLinQ has a strong team of itself. With the introduction of the GDPR legislation, the necessary hesitation arose in the market to make telephone contact.
Now that this legislation has been in force for 1 year, both Smart Profile and AnyLinQ notice that the AVG helps to get in touch with the right decision maker more easily with a relevant message.

The desired result

“It is therefore clear to AnyLinQ that the Smart Profile database is accurate and up-to-date. In this way, thanks to their data, we come into contact with the right decision maker more easily and, partly as a result, we achieve better results. In addition, we have succeeded in generating much more leads, especially with companies and organizations that we did not know before. As far as I’m concerned, you can certainly say that Smart Profile is able to make your marketing and sales more effective, “concludes Anita Burgers.

About AnylinQ

AnyLinQ, data management specialist from Den Bosch. AnyLinQ is the partner that helps organizations take the next step in our data-driven world, now, soon and later. In addition to providing advice and support, AnyLinQ also designs and implements innovative projects and services. All this by connecting technology, knowledge and services. All this under our motto: Data disrupts, we connect.