Success Story AnylinQ

AnylinQ generates new business with enriched database

Over the past five years, data management specialist AnylinQ has experienced amazing growth: each year, the organisation has seen its sales and the number of personnel members double. This performance was even awarded with the FD Gazelles Award in 2014. In order to maintain this line of success and generate new business, AnylinQ decided to enrich its database. Elger Bouwman, sales & marketing director at AnylinQ, explains how high-quality data lies at the basis of the sales and marketing strategy.

“For 10 years now, our employees have been striving day in, day out to help large and medium-sized organisations to optimise their data management”, says Bouwman. “Our sales and marketing department is responsible for giving the organisation an even higher profile and keeping the explosive growth going. So lead generation is high on the agenda. I really see sales like a hopper. The more contacts you pour into it and process into high-quality leads, the more customers will be left at the finish line. In order to expand our customer base and keep the line on an upward path, we decided to work together with Smart Profile. For IT organisations, Smart Profile is an authority when it comes to market information. The high-quality database is an enrichment for our own database and helps us to gather new prospect information.”