Succes Story DirectLease

“Our marketeers are finding all useful data to assess our customers: supplier details, financing options… and of course, the right contact. This allows them to prospect more efficiently.”

How does DirectLease position itself?

Jean-Marc de Geus: We are an SME that is a part of the ICLH (International Car Lease Holding) group, a very dynamic group with businesses in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. As our name suggests, er mainly position ourselves online. Our website immediately answers all possible questions, especially concerning levies. We combine the advantages of the group with the flexibility of the SME and therefore focus mainly on the SME fleet.

Why did you choose to work with Smart Profile?

I think I was one of the early adapters of this tool. In my previous jobs I immediately understood the importance of working with a qualified database. From the beginning (2010) I have ascertained the quality of available data. Obviously, the number of available prospects has risen considerably. This was important for us, especially because we mainly focus on the smaller fleets.

“Smart Profile offers an extremely efficient tool!”

What are Smart Profile’s main advantages?

It’s an efficient and easy to use tool. The marketeers are able to easily search through their target group and make selection on the base of fleet size, zip code etc. They are also finding all useful information to assess each prospect such as supplier names, financing options… and of course, the right contact. This allows them to prospect more efficiently.

How would you summarize what you think of Smart Profile?

That’s easy. It’s an utmost efficient tool that allows us to prospect in the most optimal way due to perfect insights in our potential target group.