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Striving for the maximum together, provides many qualitative leads and market insights

After some data management solutions had been purchased by e-office in the past, a first campaign was launched some time ago. On the basis of a study into the use of Office365, carried out by Smart Profile on behalf of Microsoft, a great deal of insight was gained into parties that exactly fall into the target group of e-office. “It was a real insight into our sweetspot and an initial campaign was started based on those insights,” adds Marianne van der Valk, Marketing Manager at e-office. Partly as a result, the campaign in question was very successful.

“Good appointments have been made as a result of the Smart Profile campaigns, which have resulted in new customers. For example, 1 in 2 agreements has led to a quotation”

A campaign by phone at Smart Profile is carried out by business development specialists based on a script tailored to the customer. Subsequently, weekly evaluations take place during the campaign with the project coordinator, the relevant business development specialists and in this case e-office. In addition, as a Microsoft partner, e-office can also use the insights from Microsoft that have been built up over many years in the so-called Microsoft partner program in collaboration with Smart Profile.

“Compared to my e-office colleagues, Smart Profile’s business development specialists are able to focus more on new business. They can ensure the necessary continuity in calling that is needed to get to the right person, while my colleagues also make offers and visits to customers, for example. All in all, you notice that the people at Smart Profile are more effective,” Marianne says about the difference.

Based on calling activities that take place via the Smart Profile platform, Smart Profile is able to collect many valuable insights. Insights are collected about the stage of the buying cycle to know the best time to get in touch with the possible customer. In addition, BANT qualified leads are generated in the form of concrete appointments. “Good appointments have been made as a result of the Smart Profile campaigns, which have resulted in new customers. For example, 1 in 2 appointments has led to a concrete quotation, explains the Marketing Manager of e-office. In addition, many market insights have emerged from the campaigns. For example, we have entered into a new partnership based on 1 campaign to expand our portfolio in line with market demand. ”

When asked about important aspects of the collaboration, Marianne van der Valk states the following: “Campaigns are adjusted on the basis of short communication lines in weekly meetings and that helps enormously to bring focus. For example, a campaign did not work in the past and by learning from it together, we now know better how to align the target group with the proposition. The speed and flexibility of the Smart Profile team certainly contribute to that. In short, I really feel that we strive for the maximum together.”

About e-office

For e-office, digitization is an interplay between technology, the organization and people. In that triangle, the magic begins, the flow arises, and make your customers happy. e-office is a Microsoft Gold partner and specialist in making optimum use of Microsoft 365.