Success Story Hyundai

Hyundai – Kaat Van Severen

“Everything we need for efficient prospecting”.

Hyundai was one of the first customers to purchase the Marketbase from Smart Profile. Kaat van Severen explains: “For us the use of the Smart Profile tools means an incredible gain of time when prospecting. Without the Smart Profile database, our teams would have to call all telephone directories to make contact.  

The database is remarkably complete with information on the car brands represented in the fleet. Not only with the financing method, but also all information about the contact persons themselves. In short, everything we need to be able to prospect efficiently.  Our call centre only uses the Smart Profile database for all its calls and the results are absolutely excellent. We have never received any negative feedback.

The CRM is directly connected to the Smart Profile Marketbase. It is a very intuitive system where you can search for any customer based on different criteria. What’s more, you can provide excellent follow-up thanks to the feedback provided for each contact.

You will find the client’s previous contacts in it, the interview itself, but also the follow-up steps. Just think of the date on which we need to contact him/her for a follow-up appointment. Really a very efficient and effective way of working”.