Success Story Lukoil

“We have tested several sources, but the smart profile database is unquestionably the best one.”

Lukoil is known as one the most ambitious fuel supplier. They have just invested in new reporting-tools to make life easier for their fleet customers.

Dimitri Jaspers, Fleet Manager, is responsible for the development of the fleet owner market share and has set up a close collaboration with Fleet Profile to ensure that they reach their goals.

An overview of two years of intensive acquisition on national (which he controls directly) and regional (which he trusts to the network) fleet owners:

“The starting point is the database. We have test several sources, but the Smart Profile database is unquestionably the best one. We find a significant amount of information about companies, decision makers, but also about fleet information and fuel cards. This makes it easy to assess the potential for each prospect.

Before today, we only had a clear image of the vehicles that were purchased by fleet owners, however the leased vehicles escaped our analyses. Thanks to the accurate information that Fleet Profile provides, we are able to perfectly segment our market and divide it among several locations on the base of potential and zip codes.

“Smart Profile has the best database and a very flexible call center.”

The second point to mention is the Smart Profile call center which is responsible for planning appointment. Our experience is that their way of working is very flexible and professional. The people from the call center are basically always looking for the best solution, specifically the best solution to prepare the acquisition documents on the base of our criteria.

We are in constant communication so that we can monitor and steer our current projects, this is an approach that fits us well. In terms of the number of appointments, we don’t see a big difference. The quality, tracking and reporting on the appointments however, are much better.

I conclude with a small example that shows the proactive side of Smart Profile. We have had a minor issue with capturing appointments in our district managers’ agendas. The project manager from the Smart Profile call center contacted our IT-department itself to tackle this problem. We truly appreciated this.