Smart Profile platform: the base for successful European Microsoft partner campaigns

Microsoft and Smart Profile work together for European partner lead generation

Smart Profile and Microsoft are now working together on a European level to support the Microsoft partners as well as possible, which all started on the basis of a pilot in 2013 aimed at the Benelux. Throughout all these years, Microsoft has been able to gather a lot of valuable market insights for itself and its partners, thanks to the market intelligence and demand generation solutions from Smart Profile.

Smart Profile = high quality

“In the various demand generation campaigns, Smart Profile has proven to be a very reliable partner. They always deliver what has been agreed and have good quality insights / data. On top of that, they know how to extract many insights from a conversation and communicate in a very open and honest way. In short, the quality of Smart Profile can be called high from project management to market intelligence”, says Jan Willem Barkmeijer. He is the Partner Marketing Advisor for SMB and Central GTM Marketing Motions at Microsoft.