that realise your potential

At Smart Profile we translate market data into commercial insight. This way we set up lead/demand generation campaigns based on data from our database.

Why should you outsource sales activities when you have an expert sales team in house? We have listed the five most important benefits for you:


Leads generated by phone

A telesales team with experience is the recipe for success. Our inquisitive team knows all the ins and outs of telephone acquisition, does not shy away from the necessary professional language and is passionate about developing contacts in the B2B world.

Often there is simply no time to do research all day and approach new prospects. But whoever wants to get that DMU(Desicion making unit) on the line has to persevere. Our telesales team does no different – every day they make about 80 phone attempts.

We do not waste time approaching irrelevant contacts. Our database, the MarketBase, gives us an overview of all locations where important decisions are made. This way we always know where to find the right people and we don’t get stuck with receptionists.

We’re not trying to fool you: not every call leads to a lead. However, with every call we can gauge whether there is an intention to switch or whether the contract is about to expire. All the data we obtain from telephone calls will give you extra insight into the market.

Spending your budget on an external telesales team may seem less attractive at first. However, outsourcing your sales calls will ultimately generate more leads and therefore more sales. It also gives your internal sales team more time for the things they are really good at.


Our smarties help you build valuable relationships and convert rich data into rock-solid leads. Only when you know who to approach, at what time, with what message and through which channel, you will be able to really realise all your potential.



We use our campaign dashboard for our telesales campaigns. Here you will not only find the intended purchase or switching date, but also the perfect moment to get back in touch.