More than 50% of companies believe that they could do better business by using their data in the right way, but have no clear strategy for doing so. We help you, because with the right data you are always one step ahead of the rest.


Our database, the MarketBase, consists of all companies in the Benelux. The data ranges from company size, competitors, group structure and the DMU to all relevant contact details. In addition, we have market-specific insights into the ICT and Fleet & Mobility sector, among others. 

The MarketViewer is the visualisation of our MarketBase. Here you can make simple selections and gain insight into all data. Whether you want to see all organisations in the Benelux, in a certain province or all organisations with at least 100 employees: it is all possible.


Our MarketBase consists of the total package. It shows the total market, the total addressable market and even all relevant contact details. We validate data by phone and list a organisations buying intentions, which makes our data much more reliable. We do not just offer you data, but valuable insights with which you can realise your full potential.

Public data sources
Financial & Credit data sources
Intent data sources
Commercial data sources
Smart Profile MarketBase
Complete overview of your total addressable market (TAM)
Overview of relevant company locations for your commercial efforts
Complete overview of group structure (HQ, branche, etc.)
Contact information of relevant decision makers (DMU)
Possibility to send e-mails to relevant decision makers
Additional in-depth/market specific insights
Insight into market  and account developments

Do you want to know exactly what data we have? Then take a look at the list with all the information you can filter to get to your perfect target group.


In addition to general business information, we also have insight into the ICT infrastructure within companies in the Benelux. Think of all hardware and software within organisations. Such as computers, telephones, CRM or ERP systems, storage and more. In addition, we also have insight into the channel.

Fleet and mobility
This concerns insight into companies’ vehicle fleets and mobility plans. Think of different brands of cars, trucks or vans, policy, fuel cards, ov-chip cards and bicycle plans.

We also have the necessary data within the energy sector. These are data about electric cars, charging stations, companies that are planning to become more sustainable or the current energy label.

In the HR market, we have identified job changes, open positions, employees, workplaces, the use of flex spaces and HR software. We can also help with HR analytics within your company.

We also have the relevant data in the logistics sector. This is data about fleets, ERP systems, and functions. In addition, we can also help you in-house to optimize logistics processes or routes or to keep a real-life track of your fleet or stock.

In the field of facility, we have facility managers mapped, corporate catering, coffee consumption, cleaning services, etc. We can also create look-a-likes through trends and our current MarketBase.


Data is not a snapshot. It is a continuous process and the information is constantly changing. In order to be able to make predictions for the future, it is important to look at how changes have occurred in the past. This makes it possible to gain insight into the development of the market shares of your organisation and your main competitors.

In addition to this history of data, we also provide predictive alerts. This allows you to see changes in, for example, the ICT market. When you sell ERP systems, you want to know which companies are planning to invest in a new system. If you give advice on the use or implementation of such a system, you want to know who recently purchased one. It is possible to filter on multiple notifications, in order to compose the perfect dashboard.


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